Wild Country – Drew Mosley

Words: Ashley O’Neil
Art: Drew Mosley

Whether you have lived in a city for an extended period of time, or have recently moved to a new city, finding inspiration in the area where you live can feel like a mission at times. In both cases you need to observe your surroundings from a fresh point of view in order to gain inspiration. Luckily Ottawans have the helping hand of the incredibly talented Drew Mosley. Drew’s naturalist drawings take you to a place of genuine creativity and inspire you through his imaginative vision.


When Drew was starting out, he found a sense of harmony at the Ottawa School of Art, and later, met an extremely loving wife who also has an artistic background (she’s even the creative vision behind Drew’s oak tree seedling badass arm tattoo, and inspires him in a number of ways). Consequently, Drew has since received global recognition.

Drew also called beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, home at one point in time. There he found himself working at a framing shop (a trade he currently pursues in Ottawa) with the Pacific Ocean as his daily backdrop. He remembers his time in British Columbia fondly, remarking on the lack of houses and abundance of nature. “The greenest house is the house that never gets built,” he said.

However, becoming situated and keeping momentum in Vancouver proved to be a tougher pursuit than most would think. How do you create art when your surroundings are soserene and practically hyper-beautiful? Nevertheless, the light at the end of the tunnel for Drew came in the form of the forest, the beach, passing whales, and eagles gliding overhead. With his medium of choice in hand, acrylic ink and watercolor paper, he channeled his creativity to produce wonderfully unique and extraordinarily vibrant drawings.


Thankfully, Drew’s inspiration hasn’t waned after returning to Ottawa.  He still draws on his deep rooted love for the wilderness, the animals that inhabit it, and even draws from the skateboard culture which early on allowed him to share ideas with like-minded artists.

While speaking with Drew, it was apparent that his artwork also originated from a passion to want to make a ripple effect for change when it comes to the preservation of forests and wildlife. He wants to remind his audience that we need to re-establish ourselves within the earth. “Animals, unlike humans, don’t take more than what they need from their surroundings.”

With his impeccable artistic skills and sincere convictions, Drew Mosley presents Ottawa with Wild Country. The show will take place on Friday, March 15th from 7:00 to 10:00pm at the Gallery Grey Area on Parkdale Ave. Drew’s collection will consist of paintings and sculptures,using mediums such as acrylic inks, watercolor paper, and worn cuts of wood.  Come down and view a show that will be undoubtedly talked about and remembered as a truly inspiring depiction of what it means to be stimulated by our roots (literally).mosley_poster

Written by herd