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This issue includes the inaugural Herd Magazine Holiday Buyers Guide. Local and Canadian boutiques and brands who sell quality goods that make wonderful gifts. From the dapper man’s dream axe, to the cozy Arborist onesies, to the elegant lady’s favourite necklace. They’re displayed within these pages and available for purchase within the Ottawa region. Happy holidays, happy new year, happy winter! Next issue: February 2015.

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Ottawa International Game Conference – Artist Showcase

The Ottawa International Game Conference kicks off in Ottawa next week and in light of these awesome events, we contacted one of the winners of the game art contest, Erin English, to get her story and a bit of insight into the world of the game industry. What we learned was that alpacas and emus provide for the best imagination fodder, and Ottawa’s game industry continues to grow.

ShamanAndBuffalowl“Shaman and Buffalo”


Erin English, whose resume displays the many hats she’s worn, has lived in Ottawa for 12 or 13 years now after living just outside of Ottawa on a farm in a small town. “My parents decided they wanted a farm in the boonies to raise emus, then alpacas. I can only assume spending much of my time outside with nature and unusual animals only helped my imagination,” Erin explained. The artist has indeed been an artist all of her life, and her education ranges from traditional art, to design, to game and concept art. The aforementioned resume really is quite impressive, as well. “I worked at Magmic Games for over six years doing mobile game sprites, illustrations, and graphic design. Worked at Blackberry doing UI work for their app store, and now I’m doing background layouts for Disney cartoons at Mercury Filmworks.” Damn girl, save some water for the fish. “My resume is a little all over the place, but the variety keeps things interesting,” she added.



Erin’s biggest and burning passion is concept art. ” I love coming up with characters, thinking up strange new worlds. I’ve got a crazy imagination, so a job where I get to tap into it would be fantastic,” she admitted. The game industry in Ottawa, however, is very developer-heavy. It’s difficult for an artist to find work as developers are in high demand. But Erin is optimistic that the tight knit community and the passion for games will bring Ottawa to the international audience. “There are a lot of fantastic indie folks working here, and it’s only getting better. I hope that places like Magmic, Fuel Industries, and Snowed In keep producing quality stuff. I was pretty blown away by Windforge when I saw it last year at OIGC.”



“The Call,” won Erin 4th place in this year’s Game Art contest, and was an homage to a game she fell in love with that was released for the Play Station 3 a few years ago, Journey. “I tried to illustrate a little scene from the start, one player who is more experienced leading the newbie towards the mountain that draws you to itself as the goal.”

The Call
“The Call”


Erin is 32 years old and is accepting freelance illustration work on the side.

You can see more of her work and personal adventures at the following link:



Tickets to the Ottawa International Game Conference are available here.