The herd roams to Toronto & Montreal

tomtlwebAs we approach our third year in circulation, the time has come to expand our distribution to our neighbours: Toronto and Montreal. What will this mean for Herd Magazine? It will mean a wider audience, greater prospects for our writers, photographers, and staff, as well as open ourselves up to two larger markets. What will this mean for Ottawa? Herd will be distributed in some of the coolest, most dynamic, multi-use spaces in Toronto and Montreal. Herd Magazine will continue to be Ottawa-centric in print and highlight Ottawa’s flourishing culture. Putting this on display in other cities will paint a livelier picture of Ottawa in cities that are known for arts & culture. This will encourage Torontonians and Montrealers/montréalais(es) to visit Ottawa and explore our city, like Herd cultural livestock would.

The further goal is to open up the website to corresponding freelance contributors in other cities across Canada who can implement the same values we at Herd already have in place. We want our carefully curated content to span the country. Our key elements: a ‘support local’ mentality; quality assurance; and creativity. These three elements are a very important part of the Herd culture. As we recruit web contributors from Canada’s most creative and culturally rich cities we will not sway from our values, neither from the crafting of quality content or our standards in writing practices.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported us from the beginning, those who have joined the party a little late, and those who will join us in the future. It’s a damn beautiful thing—to be among you.

For updates on stockist locations in Toronto, Montreal, and of course, Ottawa, please tune into our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and website.

Holy crap, it’s winter! feat. Drake General Store

Our local holiday buyers guide brought you a mixture of items made by local, national, and international brands—all made of quality materials, all made ethically, and all deserving to be featured here. These are items readily available within Ottawa and the surrounding region. We encourage you to support local businesses, makers, designers, and curators. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay warm, stay cosy!

Today we’ll be featuring six gifts available for purchase at the Drake General Store.
You can find them at the Rideau Street Hudson’s Bay or visit their website.

Arborist Onesie
These onesies come in their very own carrying pouches and are great for under your ski suit, staying at home, or even under your clothes when the hard winter weather hits.
Sizes fit up to +6′ height.

Mountie Toque
The Mountie print is limited edition and is an official licensed RCMP product available exclusively at Drake General Store. One size.

Cross Enamelware Oslo Stacking Bowls
These bowls keep freshness with a snap lid and are great for leftovers or lunches.

Also available: Copenhagen Side Dish $29, Helsinki Milk Pan $32, Stockholm Measuring Cup $29.

Double Old Fashioned Glass
Gold trim and beautiful illustration make this cocktail glass the coolest of its kind. Sold individually.

Homie Doormat
Just in time for the winter conditions, this doormat is a great gift for anyone who would rather keep the slush outside and give their guests a warm, quirky welcome.

Hangover Tea
Rough night? Sip on this wonderful pineapple scented tea blend of green mate tea with notes of mango, citrus peel + sunflower blossoms. 80g, contains caffeine-like stimulant mateine.

Herd issue #07 now online!

This issue includes the inaugural Herd Magazine Holiday Buyers Guide. Local and Canadian boutiques and brands who sell quality goods that make wonderful gifts. From the dapper man’s dream axe, to the cozy Arborist onesies, to the elegant lady’s favourite necklace. They’re displayed within these pages and available for purchase within the Ottawa region. Happy holidays, happy new year, happy winter! Next issue: February 2015.

Herd 07_web_photo