Coffee For A Cure

Coffee is a staple in most people’s lives. We use it to wake up, to relax and to help get our ideas out. This is why Top of the World decided to team up with Bridgehead for this year’s October and November cancer charities. Being no stranger to cancer fundraising, TOP took a different approach than last year’s Avant-Guarde and (incredibly popular) t-shirt series to support Breast Cancer awareness.
Like TOP, Bridgehead is a proudly local company that has been operating in exclusively in the Ottawa area for some time now. Started in 2001, Bridgehead now operates 15 locations across Ottawa. All of the coffee is roasted and distributed out of their headquarters on Anderson St, just off preston.
It’s 1 part an awareness thing but at the same time they wanted to contribute the most amount of money possible to the Canadian Cancer society.

The coffee can be purchased directly from Top Of The World at their store on Rideau St. with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Coffee For A Cure from Herd Magazine on Vimeo.

Written by herd