Herd Magazine is raw, organic, and provocative. We offer freely distributed literature covering local arts & culture on a quarterly basis.

Herd Magazine aims to stimulate the young adults of our city with progressive writing, photography, illustration, and design. Content is developed to reflect and endorse the capital’s creative professionals.

We are about the intellectual and cultural livestock that fabricates our local culture. Our contributors are Ottawa natives or Ottawa residents who are active in the arts and culture community. We believe in the revival of quality printed press. We invite you to share this passion.


We aim to prohibit the exodus of Ottawa’s talented people. We know it’s an ambitious goal, but we’re sticking to it.

This city needs competition. Friendly, healthy, motivational competition in the creative industries. It would only be beneficial to the local economy, to tourism, to you, to us, to bands touring through town, to bands touring out of town, to artists, to writers, to loners, to dreamers.

People travelling the world may one day know about the incredible cultural scene here, and stay a while to take it all in. Those travellers then tell their friends that Ottawa is cool, and they share all the sweet spots to hit up – and where to eat, and where to dance, and how to experience this place like a local would. Then all the locally owned and operated businesses would be bumpin’ and the owners would be all like, “it’s so damn nice to see a city that supports the little guys.” And we’d be like, “f*** yeah, we had some sort of hand in making this place a little bit better.”