UNDERCURRENTS 2015: evalyn parry “SPIN”s a Compelling Story

If there is one play that I would absolutely recommend going to see in the last two days of the Undercurrents theatre festival, it’s evalyn parry’s SPIN. Originally co-produced with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto, this show embodies invention and musical flare, while making intelligent and critical social commentary

UNDERCURRENTS 2015: “Far & Near & Here” Returns with Vigour

This little piece has come a long way since premiering at the 2013 Fresh Meat theatre festival: having since gone through what appears to be a thorough development period that included bringing Emily Pearlman on board as dramaturg. The character creation remains the highlight of this show, however, the revamped staging brings new elements designed to emphasize their sweet and quirky characterization to varying degrees of success.

Sketches after “Far & Near & Here”

One of the most exquisite descriptions of the ocean swept into a storm is by French author Victor Hugo in his 1869 novel, The Man Who Laughs. In it, the author expresses all of the dreadful and terrific force of water as it descends against the English coast. The waters roil, possessed, with the ferocity of life. The ocean takes on innumerable forms, at once embodying the greatest of human fears. It contains within the impossible vastness of the infinite, the claustrophobia that crushes into the human spirit, the inhuman screech that unearths within even the greatest cynic some primal sensation of the supernatural. The ocean howls, the tides tear and gorge on sky and land, water swells to its most unforgiving.