Briefing Note: The Sharing Economy

The global sharing economy is estimated to reach global revenues of $325 billion by 2025. Currently we’re seeing an increase in sharing in Ottawa. City Hall doesn’t have a plan; here are some things they should consider.

The Origami of Sound: Exit / Sound

Exit / Sound marks the beginning, and is the first, of a few things. It is Christopher Payne’s first solo exhibition following the completion of his MFA (uOttawa); the first solo exhibition to grace the walls of PDA Projects since its opening this past summer and of the New Year; the beginning of Chris’s journey back […]

Fit To Be Taped

What’s more surprising is that compact cassettes are still coming out. Isn’t that a strange one? Tapes are the trim but no less awkward cousin of the 8-track. I seriously thought they’d gone the way of the floppy disk. The last time I gave tapes any thought was in Grade 9 when I was madly in lust. How would I win her heart and various other organs? With a mixtape of course!

#ottmusik explores Ottawa’s taste for local music.

The #ottmusik initiative launched back in December and closed earlier this week on January 12. Is this project the answer to Ottawa’s underrepresented musicians, or does the initiative fail to reach its target market of listeners? Gabba Hey! CHUO and one of the people at the heart of the project weigh in.