1. Bluesfest in review – the most awesome and the least awesome

    We’ve had a few weeks to digest the ten days of Bluesfest mania. As expected, we’ve heard some mixed reviews of the festival this year, but here we try and establish what is important to patrons and how Bluesfest either met the criteria or fell short. Festival goers, however, are a blend of personalities who share a common landscape in the name of live music. For many, the names on the lineup and the quality of sound are the most meaningful qualities. For others, it’s the experience, plain and simple. So we opted to focus on the experience: the performances (stage presence, production quality, etc), the vibe among the fans and the reception of the crowd.

  2. Somewhere in Hull

    Just like trying to decide on what to watch on Netflix, it’s difficult to choose a place to grab a pint.

  3. Street style – Bluesfest pt. deux

    The second half of the festival proved to be very very stylish. Perhaps it’s because many of these faces are actually musicians, and musicians are often the most stylish of peeps.

  4. Herd Chapters: Bosveld

    Meet Bosveld. They’re a future-folk band going on tour on their bicycles across Ontario. They leave July 17th.

  5. Street Style – Bluesfes pt. un

    ast week we ran into a lot of stylish people at Bluesfest. Festival style often manifests as eclectic yet laid back, and that’s just what we saw on the grounds.

  6. Your alt guide to #RBCBluesfest2014

    We’ve compiled four playlists to get you prepared for RBC Bluesfest which begins this week. These are simply our well-educated, well-researched, hand-picked recommendations. Of course, you can see whoever you want at Bluesfest if you think our suggestions aren’t up to snuff.