8 Ottawa-based users slaying the Instagram game

For this Follow Friday (#FF) we’ve searched for the brightest, boldest, most unique, and local Instagram users in Ottawa. Here, we’ve compiled a preview and a list for you, of our top eight. From architecture to skateboarding, these accounts each offer up something different, but all of them produce quality images that can only be the result of a great eye.

Ottawa takes on Just For Laughs

JFL has put Canadian comics on the international map. And also has exposed Canada to many amazing international acts they might not have seen before. In the age of the Internet anyone can become “famous,” but to have sustainable careers in the comedy industry, you need to bring it when it’s on the line. You only get one shot.

“The Adventures of Red Rascal” has Potential to be Truly Exciting

Overall, I had a great time watching this show despite any misgivings. I would be interested to see this piece develop further as it seems as though this could be a great opportunity to use it as a vehicle to get people interested in learning stage combat here in Ottawa. With a little bit more time in the rehearsal room The Adventures of Red Rascal has potential to be something truly exciting.

“pachiv!” is a Shallow Portrait of Romani People

This piece, technically speaking, is neither a bad play nor a bad production. As I stated before, there is merit in both the staging and the performers themselves and a lot of responses to this show have been very positive. However, it becomes obvious to anyone with just a little knowledge about Eastern European peoples that this production lacks any in-depth research on that front. Pachiv! might benefit from bringing in a dramaturg who knows something about Romani culture should this show see a remount.