Arboretum’s logo gets way metaphoric

Each year, Rolf Klausener, Creative Director of Arboretum Festival, tweaks the logo just a tad. What began as three trees created by celebrated designer & artist, Ross Proulx, has since set to orbit the deeper metaphorical & symbolic realm of culture, history, and geography. It may seem far-fetched, but once the newly evolved logo’s story is expressed, you’ll be convinced of this logo’s ambition.

An award winning artist’s work is celebrated

This exhibition, Christine’s Escape, is displayed as an imaginary look into her studio, and celebrates her artistic achievements despite a life beset by the very real challenge of mental health problems.

A Night at the High School: Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall Live!

Kid Koala’s live rendition of his graphic novel, and its accompanying soundtrack, is a terse marvel. The standing ovation that was the deserved denouement, and Chamberfest’s (which has conclusively shed its undeserved reputation as your grandparents’ jam) after-party Growler Salon with Kid Koala signing books and vinyl to the artful strains of De La Soul and Beastie Boys affirmed that Nufonia, a play on ‘No Fun’, fell indeed.