Island Park Distribution: Ottawa’s Newest Thread Barons

This coming Friday, April 24th, a launch party of epic proportions will be going down at House of Common in Hintonburg. Beer will be supplied by Dominion City Brewing Co., beats by DJ Lamb Rabbit and Eric Roberts, and to fill your semi-inebriated hunger pains will be the Gongfu Bao Cart! Holy children-on-fire, can you […]

City Fidelia: Bringing Appreciation for Musicians in Ottawa

There’s too many people getting into music now who just want to be rich and famous. They follow in previous musicians’ footsteps because they want to become “the next Mariah Carey” rather than creating a fresh path. We need brave people like City Fidelia, who write about things people can actually relate to, such as the struggles they faced growing up with family, school and relationships. “Growing up in the projects, you see a lot of kids not doing things that they should do in life. When I’m around these kids or people, I feel like I motivate them to do better things in life. That’s what this album is about.”

A Cultural Chic Affair

A Cultural Chic Affair was a one-of-a-kind experience that brought recognition to local Afro-Caribbean businesses, gorgeous models of all tones and sizes, and displayed beautiful creations by talented designers. Being the first event of its kind, the organizers rightfully hope it will become an annual affair, and continue to enrich Ottawa’s fashion and design culture.

Photography as Social Practice: Windows From Prison, by Mark Strandquist

Mark Strandquist is an artist and activist living and working in the Americas; his work is focused on themes of social justice, education, and connecting communities. Topically however his work centres around the prison system, incarceration, and those citizens behind bars we conveniently seem to forget. Recently, he travelled here from the States to bring […]

The Library of Babel

The biggest priority of any library should be a fun and safe place for children to read. So why not a giant pillow fort? No parents allowed! Adults really put emphasis on how children need to “rediscover the joy of reading” with seemingly little faith in the kids’ ability to concentrate. Let’s start by having more books that are actually enjoyable to read and an environment where no grown-ups are peering over young shoulders.