1. Stiff Quickies: short films, tall drinks, deep pockets

    Herd Magazine has had a preview of the Stiff Quickies programme. Pre-screened digitally to an audience of fifteen or so viewers, we’re sharing reactions from that e-mail thread (with the participants’ permission, of course). Invited to share their thoughts, this is what the first film-viewers of the Ottawa Fringe Festival’s Stiff Quickies line-up had to Read more.

  2. An open letter

    To our beloved readers, fans, Ottawans, and fellow artists—we’re still here. Yes, it’s been some time since our last printed edition, but we ask that you do not let that fool you. We’re still in production and we’re still moving onward!

  3. JERK IT – May Can Theatre

    Jerk It will be at Arts Court for one night only, March 13, 2014 at 7:00pm. Admission is PWYC at the door. “Adult drinks” will be available, according to a Facebook post by the creators. As well as, “a few things to keep your hands busy… Play-doh you can mold into genitals, or whatever you may feel. A Chat Roulette booth – with a competition to see how many dicks you can find in five minutes. An anonymous list of places you’ve tugged, jerked, diddled, flicked, rubbed, grabbed, pulled, twisted, groped, jacked, jilled, pettedslappedsmackedwhackedtickled your privates in private (or in some cases, public).”

  4. Courage

    The Courage bracelet was designed out of the desire to create a jewelry piece whose entire proceeds could be donated to a cause that I care about, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Through amazing community support and donations, the Courage bracelet has been designed so that every component is donated, therefore passing on the entire bracelet price to support cancer care and research in the Ottawa region

  5. Herd Chapters: Rémi Thériault, Photographer

    But what about traveling back in time? What I mean is re-visiting a place that you had once been to, or a place where something significant took place years ago and is still of importance to you. Your travels and intention then becomes a retrospective narrative and dialogue with the place. You go back in time, to a bittersweet moment. For Rémi Thériault, it was within this framework of retrospection and travel that ‘FRONT’ was created.

  6. Punk Rock Timeline

    protopunk is a retroactive term given to describe the bands that gave way to the punk movement in the first place. “This music was raw and unprocesssed, a complete deviation from the mainstream music of the time, and it was truly inspiring for the younger generations to find their own voice.” The second wave of punk, Colleen further explained, took place in the 70′s when punk bands began to enjoy great success, especially in the United Kingdom. “Punk rock grew from this cultural breakthrough and the sub-genres evolved as well, fluctuating between the abrasive, violent sounding bands of hardcore and street punk, and the experimental, sophisticated bands of post-punk and melodic hardcore.”

  7. 2013: as told by our creative community

    I asked some of the local talent behind Bruised Tongue, The Acorn, Ottawa Showbox, Herd Mag, The Yips, Finale 95, Ceremony, Roberta Bondar, and Boyhood about their highlights of the last twelve months. Re-reading these answers, I was reminded how much great stuff there was in Ottawa this year. Look up everything recommended below. Find something to get obsessed with. See you in 2014.

  8. (The Epic of) Key

    A chilly autumn morning brought attention to the hill
    A lone man sat in front of town hall quietly and still
    Behind a small fire there he stayed as he made not a sound While cars and people bustled past and wandered all around.
    The morning air was plainly fair, the sky obscured in grey
    As snowflakes softly drifted down and rested where he lay

  9. Issue 05

    Our 1 year anniversary issue is now available for download!