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Issue 11

Following the release of this issue, designer Krista Noris, whose scarf is featured on the cover, gained fame by way of the First Family. When the Trudeaus visited the Obamas, they gifted Krista Noris scarves to their daughters. So, that’s kinda neat, ain’t it?

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Issue 10

Clean, crisp, minimal, but packed full of incredible photography. The realness of farmers’ markets, a boutique gaining attention from Vogue, hip hop cuties: Ottawa’s got talent.


issue9 cover

Issue 09

Possibly our boldest and brightest issue yet, 09 explores the likes of pulp culture & art, a master seamstress’s timeless designs, the Bauhaus-esque cafe that reigns both floral and coffee, and much more. All in a colourful little package. We suggest you read this issue out in a park while on a blanket in the shade eating a popsicle. Yes, a very specific suggestion, but a good one nonetheless.




Issue 08

Our colourful spring issue will ease your winter blues and prepare you for the transitional season. Lots of eye candy in this one, and some really encouraging words, so please read it in a leisurely setting and digest it fully. A light but significant printed edition, we hope you enjoy it. (Click image above to download PDF or click here)


Herd 07_web_photo

Issue 07

Our inaugural Holiday Buyers Guide edition was a huge hit. Take a look at the wonderful businesses we shined the light on and some editorial to boot.

Download the pdf here, too.



Issue 06

A milestone issue for us. We’ve rebranded entirely. New logo, new layout, same intriguing content. The gallery section is larger. The design is cleaner, more concise. We’d like to think of it as maturing a little but still providing some of that rebellious nature we love so much.

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Issue 05

Our 1 year anniversary issue!

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Issue 04

Our first crack at a summer edition. Fashion makes a comeback and embodies the season’s brightness and beauty. Warm themes of community and sharing radiate throughout the body of the magazine.

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Issue 03

Our most playful issue so far. Our design this time around introduced custom titles for articles, some of which took hours to make by hand.

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Issue 02

It’s not about testing the waters. It’s about diving right in. Design and layout is an even larger part of the appeal this time around. The content digs deeper into the underbelly of Ottawa’s alternative culture. It’s sort of like going on a second date: You already know they’re interested, so you can be a little more like yourself now.

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Issue 01

Our inaugural issue is meant to introduce Ottawa’s cultural niches to one another. We hope to create a dialogue between creative individuals that otherwise may not have collaborated or collided.

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