Issue 07 Launch Party + 2 year anniversary

A year ago we celebrated our first birthday in a warehouse in City Center. It seems only appropriate to return to Gabba Hey in celebrating our 2-year anniversary on November 7th! We aren’t going to sugar-coat it, this time around things might get a little weird. The eclectic programming of this party is meant to bring all sorts of crowds together. From hip hop and breakdancing culture, to garage punk and dance music, we want you to open your mind and embrace some talent in this city you may not know about.

The Panel: opening doors and discussions

But an idea isn’t actually something until you define what it’s going to be and how it’s going to work. So they built a door in the form of their initiative called The Panel, an open-format discussion series that features whip-smart panelists from a number of respective fields taking part in progressively-minded public discourse. The intended function of this initiative is, quite simply, to depose of the notion that foreign policy chatter is too convoluted—particularly for those who are not immediately involved—and to make it accessible without eliminating its essential importance.

Ottawa Architecture Week: buildings are characters too

Think about it… How do you reconcile privacy with urban living? Do you feel your privacy is invaded, your freedom overshadowed? Or does your neighbourhood – your “community,” if you’re lucky – strike the right balance?

Arboretum 2014: Best ‘n worst

And that brings us to Chad VanGaalen, who Bryan Webb refers to as someone whose “blood flows by unrestrained creative impulses.” Chad VanGaalen is a multi-instrumentalist with a distinct voice that makes you slightly uncomfortable but simultaneously mesmerized by its eerie beauty. His performance, however, is more endearing and awe-inspiring than anything else. Chad’s aura on stage is modest in its delivery, but the content is just so out-of-this world that I couldn’t help but whisper in my mind “we’re not worthy.”

Herd x Arboretum x With Love or Whatever wallpaper

Throughout the week of Arboretum Festival, local illustrator, Chanelle Foisy aka With Love or Whatever, doodled in her Moleskin and shared her work on Instagram for us. Now, as promised, she produced HD wallpapers for all of your devices in many sizes. Once you’ve opened the image in another window, make sure you’re fully zoomed before saving the image so that you have downloaded it at its maximum resolution.